Question & Answer set 11: Formal Institutions

Question 1: Britain is
option 1: Republic
option 2: Constitutional monarchy

Question 2: If the Queen disagrees with decisions of the Cabinet and Parliament, she can express her views:
option 1: Privately to the Prime Minister
option 2: In the Newspapers
option 3: At a press conference
option 4: Any of the above

Question 3: The present Queen has reigned since:
option 1: 1950
option 2: 1951
option 3: 1952
option 4: 1953

Question 4: The House of Commons is also known as
option 1: Lower House
option 2: Upper House
option 3: House of Lords
option 4: Parlaiment

Question 5: How many MP's are there is the House of Commons
option 1: 601
option 2: 633
option 3: 647
option 4: 659

Question 6: An ordinary member of Public cannot visit Parlaiment
option 1: TRUE
option 2: FALSE

Question 7: The Speaker of the House of Commons cannot belong to any party
option 1: TRUE
option 2: FALSE

Question 8: Life peers cannot be of any other faith then Christians.
option 1: TRUE
option 2: FALSE

Question 9: Memebers of the House of Commons are elected by:
option 1: first past the post system.
option 2: proportional representation

Question 10: Pressure groups are organisations that try to influence government policy, either directly or indirectly.
option 1: TRUE
option 2: FALSE

Question 11: Pressure groups and Lobbies are one and the same thing.
option 1: TRUE
option 2: FALSE

Question 12: Any complaints against the police are investigated by:
option 1: House of Commons
option 2: House of Lords
option 3: Home Secretary
option 4: An independent authority

Question 13: Civil Servants
option 1: Must belong to a party
option 2: Must be Neutral
option 3: Are appointed by the Prime Minister
option 4: Are responsible for conducting elections.

Question 14: Which of the following is not a source of money for the Local Authority
option 1: Income Tax
option 2: Business Rates
option 3: Council Tax
option 4: Road Tax

Question 15: How much percentage of the total money available to the councils come from the Council Tax.
option 1: 10%
option 2: 20%
option 3: 30%
option 4: 40%

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