Question & Answer set 10: The working system and Constitution

Question 1: Where is the prime ministers official residence?
option 1: Palace of Westminster
option 2: House of commons
option 3: 10 Downing Street

Question 2: Generally the cabinet comprises of how many senior politicians?
option 1: 10
option 2: 20
option 3: 30
option 4: 40

Question 3: Which is the third largest party at Westminster?
option 1: Tories
option 2: Liberal Democrats
option 3: Labour
option 4: Respect

Question 4: Who are “Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition”.
option 1: All the MP's that oppose any bills in the Parliament.
option 2: The second largest party in the house of commons.

Question 5: What is a Shadow Cabinet?
option 1: All the MP's of Cabinet that do not attend the meetings.
option 2: All the MP's of the party in power who are not in Cabinet.
option 3: The senior members of the main opposition party who ‘shadow’ Government ministers in different departments.

Question 6: All MP's belong to some or the other party
option 1: TRUE
option 2: FALSE

Question 7: What are By-elections?
option 1: Elections that are held to fill a vacancy when an MP resigns or dies in office
option 2: Elections that are held at a constituency when the results are not decisive

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