Question & Answer set 5: Young people’s attitudes and action

Question 1:Young people in Britain are able to vote in elections from the age of:
option 1:16
option 2:17
option 3:18
option 4:21

Question 2:In the 2001 general election, how much percentage of first-time voters actually cast their vote?
option 1:20%
option 2:25%
option 3:40%
option 4:45%

Question 3:In a 2003 survey, It was reported that 86 per cent of young people had taken part in some form of community activity over the past year.
option 1:TRUE
option 2:FALSE

Question 4:According to 2003 survey, how many percentage of young people took part in fund-raising or collecting money for charity?
option 1:25%
option 2:40%
option 3:45%
option 4:50%

Question 5:According to survey of the attitudes of young people in England and Wales in 2003, which of the following is not among the five most important issues they faced today?
option 1:Racism
option 2:University Fees
option 3:Drugs
option 4:Health

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