Security in Mobile Cellular Systems


Latest 3G4G Blog entries on Security

Security in Mobile Cellular Networks, January 2018

Lessons learned from 2G,3G,4G what we need to fix in 5G, TU WIEN, June 2017

An Introduction to Cellular Security - Joshua Franklin, Jan 2014

Security in Cellular Networks - Eric M. Gauthier, Orange, May 2013

4G / LTE

Presentation: LTE Security Overview, Irfan Ali, October 2012

Presentation: 3GPP LTE Security Aspects, Dionisio Zumerle, Technical Officer, 3GPP / ETSI, May 2011

Presentation: Security in 3GPP, Bengt Sahlin, 3GPP TSG SA WG3 Chairman, Jan 2011

White Paper: Security in the LTE-SAE Network, Agilent, July 2009

Presentation: 3GPP Security: LTE/SAE and Home (e)NB, Charles Brookson, ETSI OCG Security Chairman, May. 2009


UMTS Security: A Primer, June 2004


White Paper: Authentication and Ciphering in GPRS Networks, May 2005


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