3G News Archive: Q4 - 2004

31/12/04 WIRELESS: The New Generation - Forbes
31/12/04 Wise words started relentless rise of the mobile - Scotsman
30/12/04 Report: DoCoMo, 25 Others to Develop Advanced 3G Format - Reuters
27/12/04 Gearing Towards Ubiquitous Society
21/12/04 Nortel, Carrier Demo Faster 3G Service - Mobile Pipeline
17/12/04 Motorola shapes up its act
16/12/04 HSPDA the next step for 3G
16/12/04 What's The Next Handset Gimmick? - The Feature
15/12/04 Five not-so-easy pieces - Wireless Asia
15/12/04 3G price cuts: too far, too fast? - Telecom Asia
15/12/04 IDC finds mobile phone market in need of new growth catalyst
14/12/04 Broadband wireless goes head-to-head with 3G
14/12/04 NTT DoCoMo to Add Australia to FOMA Videophone Service
14/12/04 Programmers face vertical design challenge for 3G mobile phones - IT review
13/12/04 3G falls victim to time warp in China
13/12/04 Moment of truth looms for 3G - IHT, France
13/12/04 LG Establishes Beach-Head in Europe
13/12/04 Wifi and 3G pricing ripoff
11/12/04 Little enthusiam for new 3G mobile services in Italy
10/12/04 UK: Softly, softly for Voda 3G launch - Mobile News
08/12/04 Ads on your mobile: Believe it or not, you may welcome them - ZDnet
08/12/04 3G technologies to capture 60% of wireless broadband market - RCR News
08/12/04 Success for Sony Ericsson V800 - Yahoo
08/12/04 3G users "already spending more on content" - Net Imperative
07/12/04 O2 outlines 3G catch up strategy - Network IT Week
07/12/04 WiMAX Will Horn In on 3G Market - IT Observer
07/12/04 UMTS boosts 3G skills demand - Computer Weekly
06/12/04 Pushing beyond the limits of 3G with HSDPA
06/12/04 HSDPA Gathers Steam - The Feature
06/12/04 Commercial Network, Incorporating 3G UMTS, HSDPA and IMS
05/12/04 Mmo2 Trials Faster Phones - Scotsman
03/12/04 Samsung phones outsell Motorola's - The Register
01/12/04 Orange unveiling 3G phones next week - Reuters, UK
01/12/04 Lucent turns on HSDPA upgrade - Comms Design
01/12/04 Upwardly mobile UK - Guardian, UK
30/11/04 Ericsson selected by NEC as supplier for 3G mobile platforms
29/11/04 3G And VoIP Services Will Take Their Toll On Fixed-Voice Revenues
28/11/04 3 Claims 2 Million Subscribers in Italy
27/11/04 Nokia aims for top position in Taiwan
27/11/04 Apple will launch a mobile phone within 18 months
25/11/04 Wireless Research's Biggest Hurdle and Largest Opportunity - The Feature
24/11/04 Average weight of WCDMA handset is 135g - 3G Newsroom
21/11/04 UMTS TDD Alliance hits membership milestone - 3G Newsroom
19/11/04 Virgin Mobile plans 2005 launch for 3G - Guardian, UK
19/11/04 DoCoMo circuit-switches video to escape flat-rate market constraints
18/11/04 Panasonic and NEC develops Linux 3G handsets - 3G Newsroom
17/11/04 3 offers 'smallest, lightest' 3G handset - Register, UK
17/11/04 Motorola: 3G handsets selling like hot cakes - Register, UK
16/11/04 Nokia Demos Mobile Call Using IPv6 - PC World
16/11/04 Israeli military declares war on 3G phones - The Star, Malaysia
11/11/04 Will Santa spread 3G joy? - IT Week
11/11/04 Welcome to the next generation - Scotsman, UK
11/11/04 The Selling of Cell Phone TV - Technology Review
10/11/04 Vodafone begins 3G mobile service - BBC, UK
05/11/04 Location-based mobile phone games - Portension
03/11/04 Nokia: Firms hot on Wi-Fi, cold on 3G - ZDNet
03/11/04 Nokia's smartphones put pleasure before business - Tech World
20/10/04 Siemens brings end-to-end HSDPA solution to market - 3G Newsroom
18/10/04 3G's killer application - Tech Digest
17/10/04 UK gearing up for 3G Christmas - BBC, UK
14/10/04 Samsung plans slew of new phones - Star, Malaysia
12/10/04 3 Sets the Benchmark for 3G Coverage
12/10/04 The Numbers Add Up with GSM and WCDMA - 3G Portal
11/10/04 3G must embrace TV - Register, UK
06/10/04 3G or not 3G? That is the question - Times, UK



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