3G News Archive: Q2 - 2005

30/06/05 Nortel to upgrade China Mobile's network in Zhejiang for 3G
29/06/05 China finally admits domestic 3G standard doesnít cut the mustard
29/06/05 China seen to have 100 mln 3G users by 2008 - consultant
29/06/05 T-Mobile Goes To The Other Extreme: Open Mobile Internet For All
27/06/05 3G/WCDMA on the up and up: reports GSA
26/06/05 Japan 3G facts: 30 mln subscribers, 7 mln digital wallets, 5 mln digital songs sold
22/06/05 More Bad News For TD-SCDMA
22/06/05 Samsung moves to cut reliance on Qualcomm chipsets for 3G phones
22/06/05 3G products rule at Sípore hi-tech fair
21/06/05 China's locally developed 3G phone standard fares poorly in tests - report
20/06/05 3 wins Marketing Society "new brand of the year" - 3G Newsroom
20/06/05 T-Mobile plans for UMTS TDD
19/06/05 Who wants to be a 3G guinea pig?
17/06/05 Churn - 3's big issue
17/06/05 Operators are not marketing 3G correctly
17/06/05 Diversification helps spread 3G investment
16/06/05 Ericsson expands WCDMA portfolio
14/06/05 Will 3G Competition Ever Start? EE Product Center
14/06/05 3G telecom operators evolving, seeking new ways to raise revenues
14/06/05 How new Wireless growth markets are driven - 3G Portal
13/06/05 DoCoMo Focuses on China to Develop Future Cell Phone Technology
09/06/05 3G focus shift from voice to content - 3G Newsroom
09/06/05 Wuhan Research Institute and NEC in 3G infrastructure joint venture
09/06/05 New Mobile-Access Spec Gets Nod At Supercomm
08/06/05 3 hits the splitters - Mobile Today
07/06/05 Kodiak and Lucent accelerate deployment of IMS-based PTT solutions
07/06/05 NexTone IMX converges 3G, VoIP, and IMS networks
07/06/05 3G services on 2G devices at reduced data costs
07/06/05 Can Flat Rate Pricing Stick?
07/06/05 Vodafone Japan plans $2.4 billion capex for 3G
06/06/05 China 3G: Now in 2008
06/06/06 Sim to invest in 3G handsets, expand LCD capacity
06/06/05 Xfera To Launch Spanish 3G Mobile Services Soon -Ministry
06/06/05 What's behind 3G fever?
05/06/05 TIM aim for 47% share of 3G market by end 2006
03/06/05 3 Austria plans public UMTS network
03/06/05 Top providers compete to complete 3G networks
02/06/05 Peter Cochrane's Blog: Don't hold your breath for 3G
02/06/05 3's Talk & Text 600 win consumer contract of the year
02/06/05 3G testing reaches new threshold
01/06/05 Satellite Option for 3G Roll-Out - Rednova
31/05/05 Australians embrace mobile phones
31/05/05 The Future of MVNOs in the 3G era - report
30/05/05 Kuwait: Nokia to support Wataniya on the way 'beyond 3G'
27/05/05 Vodafone 3G statistics emerge
27/05/05 NTT DoCoMo gives up on 2G terminals - Softpedia
24/05/05 Vodafone post 2.4 million 3G subscribers - 3G Newsroom
24/05/05 Nortel's 3G Solution for Enterprises
23/05/05 SK Telecom ups 3G handset subsidies by 50 pct to spur demand
23/05/05 Hutch bets on 3G to break even by 2006
22/05/05 77% of UK mobile phone users shy away from using mobile data
20/05/05 Loyalty Programmes are Big Opportunity, says Impaq
19/05/05 Hutchison battles Ofcom over threat of price cuts
19/05/05 Study highlights what consumers want from 3G
18/05/05 The Sociology of Interfaces - The Features
18/05/05 O2'S Erskine says initial take-up of 3G services has been 'modest'
18/05/05 GSA Confirms Gathering Pace of 3G/WCDMA - The 3G Portal
12/05/05 W3C launches "Mobile Web Initiative" - Mobile Burn
12/05/05 Engineer-speak baffles consumers but no worries, mate
11/05/05 India: Now Trai, DoT split over introduction of 3G service
11/05/05 No-one's Heard of 3G in the UK - 3G Newsroom
11/05/05 UK: Seven things you didn't know about 3 & HTIL - 3G Newsroom
09/05/05 Vodafone Mobile Connect 3G/GPRS card a curate's egg - The Inquirer
06/05/05 One mobile phone for every European by 2007 - The Register
05/05/05 No entry fees for 3G spectrum
03/05/05 Stamp-sized 3G module next year
28/04/05 3G mobile phone services allure Singaporeans
28/04/05 Vodafone K.K. Applies for 1.7GHz W-CDMA 3G Field Test License
27/04/05 PCTEL Signs Contract with NTT DoCoMo for Roaming Client on Symbian-Based 3G Phones
27/04/05 Motorola Opens Development Center for 3G in China
26/04/05 3 Defies the Critics - The Feature
24/04/05 Ericsson Net Surges 73% Rollout of 3G Services in Europe Buoys Sales
21/04/05 Nokia sees under 70 mln 3G phones sold in 2005
21/04/05 Samsung Develops 4GB OneNAND Flash For Multimedia Phones
20/04/05 The Quest for Perfect Display - The Feature
18/04/05 Can 3G bear itself? - PC Advisor, UK
15/05/04 Carphone boss says 3G 'will go mad' - Guardian
14/04/05 3G Phones Take up to 20% of UK Market - 3G Newsroom
14/04/05 Woosh triples UMTS TDD order - 3G Newsroom
14/04/05 India: Bharti gearing up to launch 3G services - Sify
14/04/05 Hong Kong Hutchison Whampoa Bidding For 3G Spectrum In Poland
12/04/05 A tough call to make G3 ring up a profit - Scotsman
11/04/05 Huge 3G Growth Is Expected in Asia - E Marketer
11/04/05 Ericsson Awarded Managed Services Contract for Maxis 3G Network
09/04/05 No firm plans for 3G sell-off, says Hutch - 3G Newsroom
07/04/05 Budget 3G comes 2U from O2 - Guardian
06/04/05 3UK announces two new price plans - 3G Newsroom
05/04/05 IPSec security toolkit for 3G network - 3G Newsroom



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