3G News Archive: Q1 - 2005

31/03/05 Virtual boyfriend to follow virtual girlfriend
31/03/05 Hutchison Whampoa Limited 2004 Full-Year Results Highlight for 3G
30/03/05 IPWireless Partners with Orange to Trial UMTS TDD in France
22/03/05 VoIP a threat to 3G voice?
21/03/05 T-Mobile Hungary launch 3G Internet portal
21/03/05 3G Flexibility, The MVNO Way - The Feature
21/03/05 So what's the point of 3G? - BBC
20/03/05 Video call management: get the picture - Telecom Asia
18/03/05 Chinese telecoms think ahead - Red Herring
18/03/05 3G: Adventures In Compelling Content - Pt 3
16/03/05 Vodafone 3G finds few customers at home - Guardian
Inmarsat launch 3G satellite into orbit - IT Vibe
11/03/05 3G Handsets and Converged Devices to Drive the European Mobile Phone Market in 2005, Says IDC
10/03/05 Motorola and 3 announce latest 3G clamshell
09/03/05 KPN To Start Upgrading 3G Network To HSDPA In 2006
09/03/05 Nokia showcases latest 3G innovations - 3G Newsroom
08/03/05 Nortel demo proves reality of Super 3G - ZDNet UK
08/03/05 Norwegian TV debuts video-phone reporting - Digital Media Europe
06/03/05 LG, Nortel demonstrate 'supercharged' 3G experience - 3G Newsrom
05/03/05 Why buy an iPod when 3G can do music?
02/03/05 Nokia unveils three mobile holders
01/03/05 Is 3G Worth the Wait? - Network Magazine
28/02/05 New 3G phones from Motorola - The Star, Malaysia
27/02/05 Korean Brands Dominate U.S. 3G Phone Market
25/02/05 Mobile networks seek turbo boost - BBC
25/02/05 Skype Targets Wireless Market
25/02/05 Now 3G gets go-faster stripes - Mobile News
24/02/05 20 million WCDMA phones sold worldwide in 2004 - 3G Newsroom
24/02/05 Nokia: China Soon To Be Biggest Mobile Market - E-Commerce Times
22/02/05 Samsung mass producing MCP for 3G phones - 3G Newsroom
22/02/05 3G FOMA subscribers hit 10 million mark
21/02/05 Five megapixel Samsung camera phone in U.S. by year's end?
20/02/05 Ericsson reveals HSDPA market introduction
20/02/05 UMTS Forum outlines new work plan for 2005-2006
19/02/05 3 Finds Mobile Video Pays... But Not Quite As Much As You'd Think
18/02/05 Is Super 3G really about fending off WiMax? - CNET
17/02/05 10 million music videos downloaded over 3G network
16/02/05 Cannes demos the next fast thing - The Register
16/02/05 UK: Orange offers 3G on the move, wi-fi at home
16/02/05 500% growth confirms take-off for 3GSM - 3G Newsroom
16/02/05 India must issue 3G licences in 2005: UMTS
15/02/05 LG Electronics Overtakes Japan's NEC as Top 3G Phone Maker in Q4
15/02/05 GSMA Trials Prove IMS Interoperability
14/02/05 Mobile industry looks beyond 3G - ZDNet, UK
14/02/05 20 Million 3G Phones Sold Worldwide in 2004
14/02/05 3G and phones with music players to be market drivers in 2005: Nokia - Yahoo
13/02/05 World's first Linux UMTS/EDGE smartphone reference design - 3G Newsroom
11/02/05 O2 UMTS Modem for Home Broadband Internet Access
11/02/05 A World of Mobile Gamblers - The Feature
10/02/05 LG Develops World's First PTV Technology - Chosun, Korea
10/02/05 NEC presents its latest 3G handsets at 3GSM 2005
10/02/05 Some interesting facts about 3G
09/02/05 Contactless payment and ticketing gets handset boost from Nokia - The 3G Portal
08/02/05 Sony Ericsson sees 3G phones at 10 pct of '05 mkt - Yahoo Asia
08/02/05 3G to fuel mobile growth - 3G Newsroom
08/02/05 BBC halts TV over mobile video due to shortcode restrictions
04/02/05 Porn to be 3G killer app - IT Web, South Africa
03/02/05 T-Mobile unveils Sidekick-styled 3G device - The Register, UK
03/02/05 O2's super fast 3G - Guardian, UK
02/02/05 Nokia Plans 3G Campaign - 3G Newsroom
02/02/05 Certification of 3G handsets likely - Electronics Weekly
02/02/05 NTT DoCoMo begins mass-market transition to 3G - Info World
01/02/05 In-Band W-CDMA: not only Cingular story, White Paper
01/02/05 HSDPA or Super 3G critical to success of mobile TV & video services - 3G Newsroom
01/02/05 LG unveils 3G mobile handsets in India - Hindustan Times, India
01/02/05 What's the 3G attraction? - Telecom Magazine
31/01/05 The Dawn of WiMax - EWeek
28/01/05 Faster 3G Easier Said Than Done - Mobile Pipeline
27/01/05 Mm02 Launches 3G Mobile Phones - Scotsman
16/01/05 T-Mobile USA to jump to 3G HSDPA - 3G Newsroom
12/01/05 US: T-Mobile Links to HSDPA - Unstrung
11/01/05 US: 3G - A killer app - Enquirer
10/01/05 Mobile Phones: Birth of the Third Generation - PC Magazine
10/01/05 Super 3G group flexes its muscles - The Register, UK
10/01/05 Make-or-break year for WiMAX - The Register
09/01/05 Vodafone Germany to show RTL romantic comedy on 3G mobiles
08/01/05 US: 3G phone brings streaming video to life - MSNBC
05/01/04 Between 3G and 4G: Super 3G - Red Herring
05/01/05 Mobile players look beyond 3G - The Register
05/01/05 Super 3G is a super distraction - ZDNet
05/01/05 Phone giants preparing ‘Super 3G' - IT Web, SA
03/01/05 Fear and Doubt Motivate Building of Next Gen Wireless Networks - News Factor
03/01/05 But This 3G Is Super! - The Feature
03/01/05 Firms sign deal on super fast 3G - CNN
02/01/05 Mobile firms sign 'Super 3G' deal - BBC
01/01/05 Top players dial up the standard for Super 3G - Telegraph, UK



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