Toshiba 803T UMTS

All-In-One Music Player Mobile Phone

1. Main Features: External Music Console for easy music listening while the handset is folded and background play when using mail or the web The Vodafone 803T features a ‘Music Console’ so customers can easily access Chaku-Uta Full® music tracks downloaded from Vodafone live! or PC music files transferred to memory cards while the handset is folded. The handset’s large-size 1.3-inch sub-display also displays artist names, song length and other information so customers can find the music they want to listen to at a glance. The 803T is also capable of playing music while customers use mail or the web, so music can be enjoyed anytime.

Enriched functions: 2.26 megapixel mobile camera, stereo twin speakers, and Bluetooth®: The back of the 803T has a 2.26 megapixel CCD mobile camera capable of taking photos in sizes of up to 1,296 x 1,728 pixels and stereo twin speakers for enjoying Chaku-Uta Full® music tracks. The handset also has rich connectivity features including infrared (IrDA) and Bluetooth® for wireless communications with PCs and other devices. For increased convenience when composing mails and using overseas, the 803T comes with an electronic dictionary on the bundled miniSD™ memory card with a total of approximately 116,000 words (Japanese: approx. 40,000 words, English-Japanese: approx. 40,000 words, Japanese-English: approx. 36,000 words).

Fullly supports Vodafone K.K. 3G services: The 803T is a powerful new model that fully supports Vodafone K.K. 3G services such as Chaku-Uta Full® full track music downloads, Vodafone live! BB, which lets customers enjoy rich music and video content by downloading large files via their PCs, video calls, and international roaming.


  • Network: W-CDMA, GSM (900/1800/1900 MHz)
  • Size (Width x Height x Thickness) Approx. 47 x 100 x 26mm (when folded)
  • Weight Approx. 134g
  • Continuous talktime/standby time
    • W-CDMA Approx. 180 min./approx. 400 hrs. (when folded)
    • GSM Approx. 320 min./approx. 270 hrs. (when folded)
  • Display
    • Main 2.2-inch (240 x 320 pixel), TFT LCD (max. 260,000 colours)
    • Sub-display 1.3-inch (96 x 160 pixel) STN LCD (4-scale monochrome)
  • Mobile camera
    • Resol./Type 2.26 million effective pixels/CCD
    • Zoom Max. approx. 13.5x digital zoom
    • Max. photo size 1,296 x 1,728 pixels
  • Full screen char. display (full size, when displaying received mails)
    • 56 characters (7 characters x 8 lines)
    • 90 characters (10 characters x 9 lines: standard size)
    • 304 characters (16 characters x 19 lines)
  • Max. mail capacity
    • MMS Max. of approx. 300 (received/sent/draft/unsent/template total)*
    • SMS Max.of approx.1,600 (received/sent/draft/unsent/template total)*
  • Max. photo capacity (no. of photos) Approx. 10MB, shared (max. 500)*
  • External memory miniSD™ Memory Card (64MB card included)
  • Polyphonic ring tone voices 64
  • Other main functions
    • V-appli (Mega-appli)
    • Custom Screens
    • Mail Art
    • USB connectivity
    • PC Link
    • Video output
    • QR Code reading
    • Bilingual menus
    • Mobile Rupo Text entry software
  • Color variations
    • Piano White (pictured)
    • Sax Blue
    • Swing Red

Vodafone's Toshiba 803T
Vodafone and Toshiba's 3G music phone - Tech Digest
Photograph of 803T

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