Samsung VLUU i70 Digicam With 3G HSDPA

The Samsung VLUU i70 is the 7MP camera which comes jam packed with a 3x optical zoom, a 3 inch external LCD, and HSDPA 3G connectivity. It has a built-in modem that allows the users to instantly upload photos to online galleries and blogs. With ISO 1600, users will also be able to take photos under low light conditions. This camera can also receive SMS text messages and play MP3 files. The company will launch the VLUU i70 soon. Check one more image after the jump.

No word on when this Samsung will be available outside kimchi land, but being able to upload decent-quality pictures without being confined to a hotspot as well as send text messages with our snaps sound like good news. All we have to do now is wait.


  • Camera
    • 7.2megapixel sensor
    • 3X optical zoom
    • ISO sensitivity of 1600.
    • 3-inch LCD screen
    • Advanced Shake Reduction (ASR)
    • portable media player.
    • 720 x 480-pixel MPEG-4 movies

Samsung VLUU i70 Digicam With 3G
Samsung VLUU i70 digital camera does text messages, packs HSDPA

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