Nokia N91 UMTS

Storage for up to 3000 songs, plus smartphone functionality in an ultra-portable package

Amsterdam, Cancun, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur - Nokia today introduced the Nokia N91 multimedia, the company's latest device optimized for mobile music consumption. With room for up to 3000 songs on the integrated 4-gigabyte hard disk, the Nokia N91 delivers a premier music experience. In addition, the industry standard 3.5mm stereo headset jack and easy transfer of music files from your PC help make the Nokia N91 a connected mobile jukebox. Encased in stainless steel, the Nokia N91 has dedicated music keys on its face, which slide down to reveal the phone keypad. The Nokia N91 is a part of the new Nokia Nseries range, bringing you the latest multimedia technologies and smartphone functionalities.

"The Nokia N91 delivers both a fantastic music experience and cutting-edge phone features," said Jonas Geust, Vice President, Music at Nokia. "What sets the Nokia N91 apart is the fact that it is always connected - you can download new music while on the move, add it to your favorite playlist and then share your playlist with friends. It's truly the world's best mobile connected jukebox."

Listen to Music

The Nokia N91 serves up to 12.5 hours of great sound via the included stereo headset with remote control. Enjoying your music collection has never been easier, as the Nokia N91 supports a wide range of digital music formats including MP3, M4A, AAC and WMA.

Nokia N91 is compatible with a number of accessories from industry leading brands Bose(R), Harman Kardon®, JBL®, and Sennheiser. In addition to using their favorite audio accessories with the Nokia N91 through its standard 3.5mm jack, consumers can maximize their audio experience by choosing products from a line-up of Nokia tested and recommended audio accessories*.

Get Music

Packed with multiple connectivity options, such as WCDMA, WLAN and Bluetooth wireless technology, the Nokia N91 makes it easy for you to find and enjoy music when and where you want. With the Nokia N91, you can quickly and easily find and purchase music over the air to your device from your operator's music store.

Manage Music

Drag and drop your personal music collection from your PC to your Nokia N91 or synchronize your recent music purchases with your PC via USB 2.0. You can also create and manage your playlists directly on your Nokia N91, or shuffle songs around to build your optimal listening experience.

Share Music

A revolutionary feature of the Nokia N91 is the possibility to share your playlists with friends by multimedia message, email or Bluetooth. Proudly show off your musical taste or simply share the latest songs that have been stuck in your head.

The Nokia N91 also contains the latest multimedia technologies and smartphone functionalities, including a 2 megapixel camera for print-quality photos, email support, a full web browser and video sharing.

The Nokia N91 is expected to become commercially available worldwide by the end of 2005.


  • Operating frequency
    • EGSM/GPRS/1800/1900MHz + WCDMA
    • Data transfer: WCDMA up to speed 384 kbps, EGPRS/GPRS (class B/multislot 10) up to 236.8 kbps
  • Dimensions:
    • Weight: 160 g
    • Length: 113.1 mm
    • Width (max): 55.2 mm
    • Thickness (max): 22 mm
  • Display and User Interface:
    • Color display (176 x 208, 262k color)
    • User interface Series 60 Platform
    • Automatic brightness control for display and keypad
    • Music keys: Play/Pause, Forward, Back, Stop. Switch easily between music player and last used application with dedicated key.
    • Keys: Two configurable soft keys, Send & End, 5-way configurable navigation key, S60 keys (Menu, Edit, Clear), ITU-T (number/text) keypad, Volume (up & down), Power, Device lock switch
  • Music:
    • Audio formats (decoding)
      • MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, Real V8, WAV, WMA, M4A, AWB, SP-Midi, AMR, WB-AMR, Nokia Ring Tones, AMR-NB, AWB
    • Music Player
      • Intelligently designed music player – optimized for music listening
      • Dedicated playback keys and volume control
      • Enhanced on the go playlist management – edit playlists, add new music
      • Get meta data
      • Enhanced music features: mixer, 8-band equalizer, stereo widening, loudness, stereo balance, music DRC (Dynamic Range Compression)
      • See what is playing when in the Nokia N91 is in the idle state
      • Answer calls while listening to music and music pauses and then resumes again when the call is ended
      • Smart integration with music services (easy access to music shop)
      • Music user profile or sim-less operation allows for uninterrupted listening
      • Synch with PC
      • Download new music over the air to your Nokia N91
  • Visual Radio
    • Flick on Visual Radio mode. Add a rich new dimension to your radio listening. It's a snap to switch and a whole new experience when you do.
  • Hi-Fi quality sound
    • Use the Nokia Music Headset HS-28 with remote control or use your own high quality headphone and connect directly to the 3.5mm audio jack on the Nokia N91 Connect the Nokia N91 to external speakers
  • Record music
    • Stereo music through line-in from your stereo
    • From FM radio
    • Make your own recording using voice record application
  • Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) DRM 2.0
    • For protection/digital right management for music files
  • Memory
    • Up to 4GB of internal dynamic memory for music content, multimedia messages, ringing tones, images, video clips, and applications
    • Additional 30MB of storage for contacts, calendar notes and events, text messages.
  • Video and Camera:
    • Video formats (decoding)
      • Video streaming and capture: H.263, MPEG4, Real Video 8
      • Image viewers: JPEG, GIF 87a/89a, WBMP, BMP, PNG
      • Download and play multimedia files (video and music)*
      • Stream media files from compatible media portals*
      • Full-screen video playback on the phone to view downloaded, streamed or recorded video clips in larger size
    • Camera
      • 2 Megapixel
      • Still Image resolutions: 1600 x 1200 (default 640 x 480)
      • Still Images file format: JPEG, YUV, RGB
      • Advanced camera modes: still, burst, video and options for night, brightness adjustment, image quality, self-timer, and macro-mode.
      • Digital zoom up to 8x
  • Connectivity:
    • 3G
      • Near broadband speeds for faster and more responsive downloads.
    • WLAN 802.11b/g
      • WLAN for hot spot connectivity at your favorite café or meeting place.
    • USB
      • USB 2.0 full speed interface with mass storage profile (USB mini)
    • Nokia PC Suite
      • Connectivity with USB or Bluetooth wireless technology
    • Synchronization
      • Local synchronization of contacts, calendar and music files to a compatible PC using compatible connection
      • Synch contacts and calendar wirelessly over Bluetooth wireless technology
    • Bluetooth
      • Integrated Bluetooth wireless technology v.1.2
      • Send and receive images, video clips, graphics, and business cards via Bluetooth wireless technology
      • Profiles with Bluetooth connectivity: Basic Printing Profile (BPP) using Image Print or Info Print applications, Human Interface Device Profile (HID) using Nokia Wireless Keyboard application
  • Messaging
    • Convenient email client
    • Compatible with Nokia Wireless Keyboard (sold separately)
    • Multimedia messaging: combine image, video, text, and audio clip and send as MMS to a compatible phone or PC
    • Automatic resizing of your megapixel images to fit MMS (max. 300 KB attachment size depending on the network)
    • Text messaging: supports concatenated SMS, picture messaging, SMS distribution list
    • Predictive text input: support for all major languages in Europe and Asia-Pacific
    • Instant Messaging
  • Browsing
    • XHTML browser
    • Improved Web compatibility with support for HTML 4.01, including support for elements such as image maps, background images, and frames
    • Support for a subset of JavaScript 1.5, which includes the most commonly used functions found on the Internet
    • File upload over HTTP using standard HTML forms
    • Small screen rendering option including a faster page-up/page-down scrolling style
    • Full-screen mode, download progress bar, and adaptive history list
    • 3GPP video streaming
    • OMA DRM 2.0 including forward lock for content protection, combined delivery, separate delivery and superdistribution
    • Wallet: convenient online use and storage of your numbers and passwords
  • Call Management
    • Contacts: advanced contacts database with support for multiple phone and email details per entry, also supports thumbnail pictures and groups
    • Speed dialing
    • Logs: keeps lists of your dialed, received, and missed calls
    • Automatic redial
    • Automatic answer (works with compatible headset or car kit only)
    • Supports Fixed Dialing Number, which allows calls only to predefined numbers
    • Conference call
  • Java Applications
    • Java™ MIDP 2.0, CLDC 1.1 (Connected Limited Device Configuration (J2ME)), JTWI 1.0
    • Over-the-air download of Java™-based applications and games *
  • Other Applications
    • Personal Information Management (PIM):
    • Advanced Series 60 PIM features including calendar, contacts, to-do list, and PIM printing
  • Voice Features:
    • Voice dialing
    • Voice commands
    • Voice recorder
    • Integrated handsfree speaker
  • Digital Services
    • Java™ and Symbian applications
  • Graphics, icons, animations, logos
  • Games: Possibility to download new games
  • Ringing tones: True Tones, polyphonic tones
  • Themes: Possibility to download new themes
  • Power Management
    • Standby time: up to 190 hours (7 days)
    • Talk time: up to 3-4 hours
    • Display: 176 x 208, 65,536 16-bit colours
    • Battery: BL-5C, 900, mAh, Li-Ion

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