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08/08/06 51 HSDPA Devices Launched as of August 8, 2006
01/08/06 Plenty of HSDPA devices for Telstra's new 3G network
27/07/06 HSDPA Network launches in 3 month surge by 150% - GSA report
27/07/06 IMS To Take Maximum Advantage of UMTS/HSPA
18/07/06 3.5G growth slowed by lack of handsets
14/07/06 Cingular Brings 3G to San Antonio
10/07/06 T-Mobile’s 3G/HSDPA Covers 8 Cities in Hungary
09/07/06 Proximus is launching the first HSDPA network
22/06/06 Vodafone: We will be first with 'next' next-gen 3G
21/06/06 Nokia Pico WCDMA Base Station Extends Indoor HSPA Coverage
21/06/06 Huawei Introduces World's Smallest USB HSDPA Modem
21/06/06 Singapore: Nokia demonstrates 3.6 Mbps HSDPA with MobileOne
20/06/06 Dell HSDPA laptops work with any 3G carrier
18/06/06 HSDPA Growth Abound
13/06/06 Cingular's HSDPA 3G network gets a tough leg up
13/05/06 More of 3G up to 3.5G
12/05/06 T-Mobile releases HSDPA PC card in the UK
11/05/06 Press Release: DoCoMo to Unveil New Eight FOMA "9 Series" Phones
11/05/06 New DoCoMo handsets -- including first HSDPA model
11/05/06 NTT DoCoMo N902iX High Speed HSDPA Phones
06/06/06 Live 3G Commercial HSDPA Trial For 3 UK
02/05/06 First 'Super 3G' phones coming July?
14/03/06 UK: Carriers plan high-speed 3G for summer
14/03/06 Orange France launches 3G HSDPA trials
14/03/06 Successful HSDPA trial for 3UK
11/03/06 MTN South Africa advances its data roll-out plan for HSDPA
10/03/06 Portugal: Mobile Broadband
21/02/06 Testers ready for high speed uplink packet access
15/02/06 Anritsu announce HSUPA functionality for MD8480C Signalling Tester
15/02/06 Motorola Launches New Handsets, HSUPA, IMS/FMC and GSM Networking
10/02/06 Nearly 60 Operators on Track for UMTS Enhanced with HSDPA
10/02/06 3G LTE (Super 3G) could dramatically enhance the capabilities of 3G networks from 2009
10/02/06 Nortel and Vodafone Spain Demonstrate Evolution of 3G
09/02/06 NEC Displays World’s Thinnest Camera Phone
09/02/06 Alcatel Solidifies its HSDPA Ecosystem and Showcases HSUPA at 3GSM
08/02/06 Nortel Completes First Mobile HSUPA UMTS Call
07/02/06 Industry's first simultaneous HSUPA and HSDPA calls
06/02/06 GSM to HSUPA with faster data and faster time-to-market
03/02/06 First super 3G phones revealed
02/02/06 T-Mobile to unveil high-speed 3G UMTS in Germany
04/01/06 Samsung Reveals first 3.5G Phone
22/09/05 Usa: Laptops to access HSDPA in 2006
22/09/05 Dell To Add Second Type Of 3G To Laptops
22/09/05 IPWireless Shows High Speed 3G Access in Trains
20/09/05 Vodafone to surpass 3G network speeds
25/08/05 Telfort close to 3G+ launch with Huawei equipment
17/08/05 Europe: T-Mobile goes big on HSDPA
03/08/05 Philips selects InterDigital's HSDPA technology for 3G platform
03/08/05 T-Mobile starts HSDPA upgrade
22/07/05 T-Mobile Promises High-Speed Web Access for Mobile Phones
22/07/05 T-Mobile Plans HSDPA Launch
20/07/05 Alcatel and Novatel Wireless to accelerate 3G HSDPA launch
12/07/05 UMTS enhancements to meet demand for high-speed wireless services
11/07/05 14 Mbps 3G Mobile Phones on the Way
06/07/05 UMTS Forum Members on Schedule for the First Phase of HSPA
28/06/05 Upgrading to HSDPA more than just software
27/06/05 Aeroflex introduces first HSDPA conformance test case
22/06/05 VIBO Telecom selects Motorola's 3G solution
22/06/05 Lucent completes China's first field trial of HSDPA
07/06/05 Testing HSDPA in Japan
26/05/05 Vodacom's 2Mbps 3G network
15/05/05 New mobile tech promises to be 5 times faster than 3G - Hindu Business
12/05/05 HSDPA: Not so fast - The Feature
12/05/05 Dell to Push PC Web Links via Phone Networks - EWeek
10/05/05 Ericsson demonstrate 3G HSUPA uplink - 3G Newsroom
10/05/05 Nortel, Sierra collaborate on HSDPA
03/05/05 Super 3G hot spots due in 2006 - ZD Net
02/05/05 HSDPA is not ready yet - Softpedia
29/04/05 “Three reasons for taking HSDPA, not EV-DO,”says KTF
29/04/05 Novatel announces work on 3G HSDPA PCI Express modem for wireless broadband
28/04/05 HSDPA Embedded Wireless Modems by Novatel Released
20/04/05 Mobilkom Austria HSDPA to be ready by end of year
18/04/05 ABI Research Tips HSDPA on Low-Cost Path to Fast Mobile Broadband
15/04/05 HSDPA interest builds - Telecoms.com
14/04/05 HSDPA is mobile broadband's future, analyst says
14/04/05 3G HSDPA as low-cost path to fast mobile broadband - 3G Newsroom
14/04/05 HSPDA & WiMax Living Together? - Daily Wireless
13/04/05 Cellular3G announces HSDPA processor called TopHat - RCR News
11/04/05 Look to HSDPA - EE Times
05/04/05 Mobilkom Austria demos HSDPA technology
30/03/05 LG leading the pack in next-generation handsets - IT Web, SA
29/03/05 Nokia launches new 3G Internet enhancement - The Star, Malaysia
28/03/05 Carriers look to IP for backhaul - EE Times
18/03/05 QUALCOMM: WCDMA chipset to support HSDPA wireless data services
15/03/05 Say Hello to First US HSDPA Phone - PC Magazine
09/03/05 Germany: KPN To Start Upgrading 3G Network To HSDPA In 2006
20/02/05 Ericsson reveals HSDPA market introduction
16/02/05 Cannes demos the next fast thing - The Register, UK
01/02/05 HSDPA or Super 3G critical to success of mobile TV & video services
16/01/05 T-Mobile USA to jump to 3G HSDPA
12/01/05 USA: T-Mobile Links to HSDPA
10/01/05 Super 3G group flexes its muscles - The Register
05/01/05 Super 3G is a super distraction - ZDNet
05/01/05 Between 3G and 4G: Super 3G - Red Herring
05/01/05 Phone giants preparing ‘Super 3G' - IT Web, SA
03/01/05 But this 3G is SUPER - The Feature
02/01/05 Mobile firms sign 'Super 3G' deal - BBC
01/01/05 Top players dial up the standard for Super 3G - Telegraph, UK

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