IMT 2000

What is IMT 2000?

IMT 2000, also known as International Mobile Telecommunications 2000, is the ITU globally coordinated definition of 3G covering key issues such as frequency spectrum use and technical standards. More information is available in this presentation.

What are different types of 3G Networks specified by IMT 2000?

ITU Recommendation ITU-R M.1457 specifies five types of 3G radio interfaces:

  • IMT-2000 CDMA Direct Spread, also known as UTRA FDD including WCDMA in Japan, ARIB / DoCoMo recommendation. UMTS is developed by 3GPP.
  • IMT-2000 CDMA Multi-carrier, also known as Cdma2000 (3X) developed by 3GPP2. IMT-2000 CDMA2000 includes 1X components, like cdma2000 1X EV-DO.
  • IMT-2000 CDMA TDD, also known as UTRA TDD and TD-SCDMA. TD-SCDMA is developed in China and supported by TD-SCDMA Forum.
  • IMT-2000 TDMA Single Carrier, also known as UWC-136 (Edge) supported by UWCC.
  • IMT-2000 DECT supported by DECT Forum.

Where can i find more information about IMT 2000 project?

Please check this ITU site for more information on IMT 2000:


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