Advances in Mobile Radio Access Networks

Y.Jay Guo

This is an interesting book that describes advances in the Mobile RAN. Dr. Guo has managed to collect different topics like HSDPA, MIMO, OFDM, Mobile IP, etc in one book. One could say that this book is a collection of quick tutorials of these advanced topics. If you are looking to find minute details than this book will disappoint you but you might find some good references at the end of each chapter which might point you in the right direction.

One good thing in this book was that topics were not sort of cut and paste from the 3GPP specifications. Effort has been made to explain the specs in authors own language and in some places with the help of Message sequence chart. I found the topic of HSDPA very informative.

The flip side if you may be wondering is that since this book was published in mid 2004 (and written probably much earlier), some of the topics lack recent details. For example there is no mention of HSUPA/HSOPA at all. Similarly in the chapter of Ubiquitous Networks discussion on WiMax and Mobile WiMax is missing.

Still if you would like to learn more about advanced technologies this book will provide lot of information.



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