IP for 3G: Networking Technologies for Mobile Communications

Dave Wisely, Philip Eardley and Louise Burness


This book really explains about IP for 3G. Initially the author has explained why we need IP for 3G and then he explains the limitations of the current IP implementation for wireless networks. He goes on to give some basics of 3G networks from Data (not voice) point of view and starts building up a case for IP. Then he exlains the basics of IP and tells us of Limitations with the current IP protocol including the security issues. Then there is detailed sections on SIP, IPv6, Mobile IP based protocols, QoS and QoS mechanisms.

The last chapter contains description of All-IP networks; How to design them, what are the principles and advantages. Also explained is the All IP transport in UMTS R4 and IP Call Control and signalling in UMTS R5. Finally there are few pages devoted to 4G networks.

At the end of each chapter there is very detailed list of references including the papers that can be downloaded from the web. Links to various standardisation bodies and public domain projects have also been provided. This is one of the most useful thing about this book for people who want to learn and understand how IP can be applied in Wireless networks.

The language used in the book is very simple; no cut and paste from standards. Concepts are explained with useful diagrams. There is an introduction in each chapter that motivates you to see the need for reading a chapter and at the end of each chapter there is a proper conclusion.

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