Services for UMTS: Creating Killer Applications in 3G

Tomi Ahonen (Editor), Joe Barrett (Editor)

What about the Killer Service?

For those who did not read the book description, this is NON TECHNICAL book. The authors (editors) talk about the creation of 3G killer application, but they are not able to really tell what that would be. During the entire book they have emphasised that no single application would be killer application, but it would be loads of small applications that will make 3G succeed.

People who read online news and articles about 3G/UMTS, will not find this book of much help as most of the things mentioned are well known. For the managers who are always on the move and want somethings to talk about with the clients (and in parties trying to impress people) this book will present necessary information.

Overall, this book has some useful stuff but i wouldnt personally recommend it to anyone. There is enough (and more updated) information on the net that could be found easily.

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