WCDMA for UMTS: Radio Access for Third Generation Mobile Communications

Harri Holma

Review from Amazon.co.uk:

At the time of writing, this is the third edition of this book. It has improved with each edition - the first edition wasn't really a book, more a collection of white papers hastily stuck together to get it on the market. The second edition was more cohesive, and in this third edition it's finally becoming a book that you could read from beginning to end (if you really wanted to .. it is pretty heavy going at times), although it still retains some of the white paper feel. It's still one of the two essential WCDMA references (the other is Juha Korhonen's book, which is more readable but has slightly less depth). Also note that this third edition includes a chapter on HSDPA, which makes it fairly essential reading for those in the industry working on 3G/3.5G technologies. - numbersix from Winchester, Hampshire United Kingdom



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