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18/07/06 Religion on your Phone

02/05/06 Hallelujah, holy ringtones for Dutch mobiles

27/03/06 New Cellphone Services Put God on the Line

26/03/06 Pray as you go to spread the Catholic Word via mobiles

14/03/06 Texts 'uplift' Muslim communities

09/09/05 Buddhist monk develops "dhamma doctrine", or morality ringtones

17/07/05 Mufti bans Qur'anic ringtones

15/06/05 Religion goes the mobile way

28/04/05 Dwango Wireless Gets Spiritual with Ringtones

17/04/05 Text messages from the Great Synagogue? It's all strictly kosher

08/04/05 Spiritualist takes up new cellphone haunt

02/04/05 Pope's influence includes technology firsts

03/03/05 Kosher phone taps into new market for mobiles

29/01/05 A new breed of rock star: quietly Christian

09/01/05 TV ads, ringtones used to attract vocations

11/11/04 Info2Cell offers free Islamic content during Ramadan

24/08/04 Texting Faith

10/07/04 Islamic Cellphone

19/05/04 British Methodists asking young people for the '11th Commandment'

10/11/03 Hip Mullah's send Text messages

21/09/03 Compass Mobile Phone for 300 million Muslims

03/09/03 Hindus make their offerings by SMS


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