Applications: IP Calling (VOIP/Skype)

07/09/06 UK outfit offers mobile Voip hook-up

06/09/06 ROK Launches Free Mobile VoIP

05/09/06 UK Goes Mobile VoIP Crazy

22/08/06 Better quality calls coming for mobile Skypers

15/08/06 Review: using latest version of Skype for Pocket PC on UMTS 3G network

20/06/06 Mobile VoIP firm complains about call blocking

13/06/06 Roll-out of upgraded 3G may curb Web-based calling

08/05/06 T-Mobile bans VoIP from super-3G service

13/03/06 Mobile VoIP not here until 2007

13/03/06 Mobile VOIP needs high-speed uplink

21/02/06 Mobile VoIP could radically change cellphone use

20/02/06 Microsoft's Mobile VoIP

06/12/05 Converged Mobile VoIP solution

14/10/05 Japan to launch mobile VoIP network

10/03/05 The Future is Mobile VoIP: Report

03/01/05 Vonage offers VoIP mobile phone



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