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3G4G Blog entries on Femtocells

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Small Cells and their Technological Challenges - Callan Institute, July 2011

Cognitive LTE Small Cell Networks - Alcatel-Lucent, May 2011


Femtocell Evolution: A model of market and Standards Cooperation - FemtoForum, Feb. 2011


Femtocell Systems Overview for cdma2000 Wireless Communication Systems - 3GPP2, July 2011

HeNB (LTE Femto) Network Architecture - FemtoForum, May 2011

3GPP Femtocells: Architecture and Protocols - Qualcomm, Sep. 2010

Femtocells – Architecture & Network Aspects - Qualcomm, Jan. 2010


Femto Hacking in UMTS and LTE - 3G4G Blog, July 2011

Secure and trusted Femtocells - Picochip, July 2011

Femtocells : Inexpensive devices to test UMTS security - Technische Universität Berlin, Apr. 2011


Femtocell Based Applications and Services - FemtoForum, Mar. 2011

Femtocell Technologies for Providing new services at home - NTT Docomo, Feb. 2010


The need for Femtocells and WiFi access points - IP Access, Mar. 2011


Summary from the 'Small Cells' Event in Cambridge Wireless - 3G4G Blog, Sep. 2011

Second hand report from the Femtocell World Summit 2011 (#FWS11) - 3G4G Blog, June 2011

3GPP Standards Update for FemtoZone during MWC 2011

Femtocells update from Mobile World Congress 2010


Femto as a Service (FaaS)
Femtocell Backhaul Options
Interesting promotional Femtocell video by Qualcomm
Detailed presentation on Femtocell Security from Black Hat 2011
Radio-over-Fiber (RoF): The existing alternative to Femtocells
Femto Hacking in UMTS and LTE
Presentation on use of Femtocells to test UMTS Security
Explaining the Alcatel-Lucent 'lightRadio' concept
Infographic: What is a Residential Femtocell?
Presentations on Femtocell Applications and Services from MWC2011
Attocell: Smaller Femtocell
What are Heterogeneous Networks (HetNets)?
LIPA, SIPTO and IFOM Comparison
HeNBs (Femtocells) and eNBs Handovers
Femtocell Interference Management in real life
IP Flow Mobility and Seamless Offload (IFOM)
Selected IP Traffic Offload (SIPTO)
Local IP Access (LIPA) for Femtocells
'Femtocells' or 'Small cells' ?
Femtocell configuration via TR-069
'Greater' Femtocells
LTE Femtocell Enhancements for Release-9
Using Femtocells abroad Illegaly
Small cells and Wireless Capacity Growth
Femtocell Technology Map from Ubiquisys
Experiences and Lessons from Early Femtocell Deployment
SuperFemtos, 'greater femtocells' and 'wide area femtocells'
WiMAX Femtocell System Architecture
The Secret world of WiMAX Femtocell
Femtocells Standardization in 3GPP
OFDMA Femtocells: A Roadmap on Interference Avoidance
Report on 'Femtocell Applications Live' at Femtocells World Summit
LTE Femtocells: Stepping stone for 'killer apps' presentation
Home e-NodeB Architecture in Release 8


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