3G News Archive: Q3 - 2005

08/09/05 3G subscriptions hit 50 million worldwide
07/09/05 BB Mobile Applies for License of 3G Mobile Phone Service on 1.7GHz Frequency Band
07/09/05 Europe split over 3G expansion bands report
07/09/05 3G, Wi-Fi to gobble up share of satellite communications
07/09/05 India: BSNL to roll out 3G services by end of this financial year
07/09/05 Korea: KTF selects LGE and Nortel for 3G deployment in Korea
07/09/05 Ericsson outlines its 3G vision
02/09/05 3G in Europe
01/09/05 3G excesses fuel O2 takeover rumours
26/08/05 No fanfare for Virgin 3G launch
24/08/05 Orange sets September date for 3G launch
24/08/05 NEC and Siemens selected to supply W-CDMA/UMTS 3G network for 3 Ireland
18/08/05 Unwired mobilising for a virtual 3G ally
17/08/05 Europe split between free market and closed shop for 3G expansion bands
17/08/05 NEC and Siemens to supply W-CDMA/UMTS 3G Network for 3 Ireland
17/08/05 LG, Nortel to Launch $295 Million Venture in Korea
16/08/05 Siemens Wins Malaysian 3G Contract
14/08/05 North American set to leapfrog Europe in the deployment of 3G services
13/08/05 Report: 3G Subs to Hit 300M
11/08/05 Europe's 3G outpaces Japan
11/08/05 3G and broadband nearly neck-and-neck by 2010
11/08/05 Global cellular revenues $570B in 2005 as subscribers top 2 billion
10/08/05 Europe split over 3G expansion bands
05/08/05 Research and Markets: 3G - Taking Mobile to the Next Level
01/08/05 New revenue opportunities for mobile operators
01/08/05 DoCoMo offers single tariffs for 2G and 3G users
31/07/05 Philips eyes untapped 3.3 billion mobile phone users
28/07/05 ARM claims 3G Mobile ownership
26/07/05 3G will be on Christmas list, says Vodafone chief
25/07/05 First software-radio '3G' processor
25/07/05 Vodafone has 3.25 million 3G subscribers worldwide
20/07/05 Vodafone UK first to launch prepay 3G data card
20/07/05 3G wars heat up
19/07/05 Japan's Vodafone KK to offer international video call service from August
15/07/05 Vodafone adds 500,000 3G users in Germany
14/07/05 Argogroup assures the quality of end-to-end 3G video calling
13/06/05 Sony Ericsson touts 3G/Wi-Fi PC Card 'first'
13/07/05 MVNO: Having It Both Ways On 3G - Mobile Pipeline
13/07/05 Taiwan: Telecom expo offers look at 3G service
12/07/05 Vodafone's faltering Japanese unit to focus on young, 3G-loving customers
08/07/05 China Mobile Requests WCDMA for 3G Service
04/07/05 Vodafone K.K. acquires license for 1.7GHz 3G W-CDMA trial



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