3G News Archive: Q3 - 2004

29/09/04 Cheap frills from 3 - Mobile Today
28/09/04 3G: No killer app, more a killer cocktail- ZDnet
28/09/04 GSMA Asks India to Safeguard its 3G Future - TMCnet
27/09/04 As 3G grows, so will flash memory needs - IHT, France
27/09/04 UK: O2 announces integrated 3G, WLAN and GPRS solution - 3G Newsroom
23/09/04 3G/UMTS users hit 10 million mark - 3G Newsroom
23/09/04 US: Schools Make Rules for Cell Phone No-Nos - Fox News
23/09/04 UK: 3G launch becomes battle of the brands - Guardian, UK
16/09/04 UK: 3 brings train times to video mobiles - Net Imparative
15/09/04 Romancing the phone - CNN
15/09/04 Nokia and NEC successfully test interoperability of IMS - 3G Newsroom
12/09/04 Big Five Set Their Sights On Mobile TV - 3G Newsroom
12/09/04 Hutchison to order 12 million 3G handsets for next year - 3G Newsroom
10/09/04 3G Phones Are Losing Weight - The Feature
09/09/04 Vodafone Germany provides faster UMTS access - 3G Newsroom
08/09/04 Nokia is First With 3GPP Release 4 Architecture for Voice in 2G and 3G Networks
08/09/04 Chinese prefer W-CDMA for 3G roaming - Electronics Weekly
02/09/04 Vision, meet reality - Economist
02/09/04 AT&T Wireless' UMTS outshines it's 3G rivals in sunny San Diego - 3G Portal
30/08/04 A Celebration of Cell-Phone Film - Wired News
19/08/04 Customer boost for 3 despite loss - BBC, UK
19/08/04 TV project aims to kick-start 3G - BBC
16/08/04 Sending Money Through Cell Phone Numbers - Chosun, Korea
15/08/04 Downloads on the Move in Europe - Wired News
01/08/04 3 plays the generation game - Telegraph, UK
30/07/04 Hoya Reveals Two Giants Developing One-Inch HDDs for Mobile Phones
30/07/04 IMS gateway to innovative services - 3G Newsroom
28/07/04 NTT DoCoMo to unveil 3G FOMA Raku Raku PHONE - 3G newsroom
27/07/04 Companies tests 3G video telephony - 3G newsroom
25/07/04 When 3G meets Wi-Fi - The Standard
25/07/04 3G License Operators Never Saw the Rise of WiFi - The Wireless Weblog
23/07/04 NEC e228 handset for 3 - 3G Newsroom
23/07/04 Going nowhere with 3G - InfoSync World
20/07/04 Trillium SIP power VoIP and 3G wireless products - 3G Newsroom
20/07/04 AT&T: UMTS As Good As EV-DO - Wireless Week
16/07/04 Vodafone Questioned For Making It Easier To Get 3G - The Feature
15/07/04 3G services put to the test - BBC
13/07/04 Handsets to Delay 3G Enhancement - Electronic News
11/07/04 Cingular Wireless to roll out HSDPA in 2005 - 3G Portal



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