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12/10/06 Worldwide connections pass 2.5 billion - 3G predicted to reach 285 million by December
11/10/06 Wireless Propagator: T-Mobile Catches Lucky 3G Break
09/10/06 3UK Wins Best 3G Operator at Mobile Choice Awards
09/10/06 Brace up for revenue model mishap in 3G
08/10/06 "We'll be 3G market leader by May 2007" says Telstra
07/10/06 US: T-Mobile Points Way to Its Brand of 3G Evolution
05/10/06 TI Increases Design Flexibility with FlatLink 3G for Mobile Phones
05/10/06 Camera chip sensor delivers high quality imaging to 3G video phones
04/10/06 Mobile phone sales start to slow
04/10/06 The 3G rush is on!
03/10/06 US: T-Mobile to Announce UMTS, Sources Say
03/10/06 Cingular Completes National GSM Network Integration
03/10/06 Size Matters in 3G Wireless
02/10/06 NEC pulls out of Europe
02/10/06 3G resting, not dead
30/09/06 Strategy Analytics Predicts 1 Billion 3G Subscribers by 2010
29/09/06 Ericsson Gets New Zealand 3G Contract
29/09/06 Telstra warns of 3G crunch
03/08/06 Alcatel buys Fujitsu's stake in 3G equipment JV Evolium
31/07/06 NEC, Panasonic to tie on 3G phone chips, software
28/07/06 UK: 27% of 3G subscribers download on average 4.1 music tracks per month to their phone
26/07/06 Aus: Hutchison's 3G revenue to climb sharply
25/07/06 Breakthrough Technology from Freescale Redefines State of the Art for Advanced Semiconductor Packaging
24/07/06 Smart offers 3G Try, Win Promo at wireless centers
23/07/06 Britons 'dependent on mobile use'
23/07/06 India: Shift in Trends ??!!
21/07/06 China to Hold 3G Standards Conference
21/07/06 Japan: New report says market has doubled in recent years
03/07/06 France Considers Reusing GSM900 for 3G Services
03/07/06 Geneva agreement opens door to 'digital dividend' for 3G/UMTS
02/07/06 GSM-ing Japan or 3G/CDMA-ing your phones?
28/06/06 3G billions may go to Brussels
27/06/06 Mobile Platform statistics
26/06/06 3G Home Gateway Project
24/06/06 3G pico cell in the home
22/06/06 Vodafone: We will be first with 'next' next-gen 3G
22/06/06 Ericsson Enters France Telecom's Turbo Codes Licensing Program for 3G
22/06/06 Samsung pinning hopes on 3.5G and mobile TV
21/06/06 Major Functionality For Multi-mode 3G Mobile Phones, Data Cards & PDAs
19/06/06 Japan's NTT DoCoMo says 3G subscriber numbers top 2G user base
16/06/06 Make your own hot spot anywhere with a cellular router
14/06/06 Two Billion GSM Customers Worldwide
14/06/06 Now, 3G handsets to cost $100
13/06/06 ip.access Heads to CommunicAsia to Promote 3G FMC and Picocell Solutions
13/06/06 Vodafone Germany Orders More Siemens 3G mobile Technology
13/06/06 All-you-can-eat 3G may not last
13/06/06 The world begins to connect differently
13/06/06 Mobile operators push 3G wireless
12/06/06 3G Cellular Standards and Patents (and Transaction Costs)
09/06/06 Nokia expands EV-DO portfolio
08/06/06 3G Mobile Subscribers Ramping Up, Finally
08/06/06 Global 3G Subscribers to Pass 100 Million Mark in June
07/06/06 The Good, The Bad, The Ugly of Mobile
06/06/06 Advanced US Mobile Applications Interest Spikes According To Siemens LifeWorks Survey
06/06/06 Another Delay For 3G In China?
05/06/06 Mobile user interfaces – its time for a new paradigm
05/06/06 Motorola Scoops Up TTP For $193.5m - Yahoo
02/06/06 Mobile firms keen to avoid another 3G bloodbath
02/06/06 Cambodia: 3G mobile ban astounds phone industry
31/05/06 Mobile operators' 3G CAPEX rising sharply
31/05/06 Hutchison clocks 1m 3G mobile customers
31/05/06 Eastern Research and Mangrove Systems demonstrate optimization solutions for 3G
30/05/06 3G license issue postponed once again
30/05/06 Hutch, DoCoMo sign 3G partnership
30/05/06 India Forces delay on 3G Services
15/05/06 3G Americas drives interop and content development
15/05/06 LGT could lose 3G licence over latest launch delays
14/05/06 1.5 bln mobile subscriptions in Asia-Pacific by 2010
11/05/06 NTT DoCoMo Collaborates With Microsoft to Add Windows Media Technologies to 3G FOMA Handsets
09/05/06 Australian "3 CDMA" customers have 90 days to move to 3G
08/05/06 GSMA Touts 3G Growth
08/05/06 3G Phones in Finland Doubled in One Month: Elisa
07/05/06 NTT DoCoMo to invest 640 bln yen for 3G service by end March 2007 - report
05/05/06 Swedes increasingly choosing 3G handsets.
05/05/06 Alcatel, Lucent Announce Integration Teams
04/05/06 Upgrade for mobile network - Customers still have choice to use CDMA
04/05/06 ‘CDMA is on the way out,’ says Telstra
28/04/06 NTT DoCoMo 3G users soon to outnumber 2G users
28/04/06 Asia Phone Penetration to Reach 50% By 2010
27/04/06 Tomi T Ahonen on Mobile Operator Obstacles to Profits
25/04/06 Far EasTone part of Asia-Pacific Mobile Alliance
24/04/06 Asian ops form second alliance
21/04/06 3G reaching nearly half of Japanese and Korean customers
19/04/06 3G in Japan
17/04/06 3G is changing the way we flirt
10/04/06 HP to Integrate Multiple 3G Standards in Future Notebooks
09/04/06 Mainstream America is Ready for Bar Codes - Converging “Realspace” and “Mobilespace”
07/04/06 NEC, Matsushita, TI considering joint 3G venture
24/03/06 How do you use your 3G phone?
23/03/06 3G mobiles 'change social habits'
03/03/06 Text messaging remains top service for mobile phone users: IDC
23/02/06 So, will IM replace SMS?
24/01/06 Dell brings 3G to notebooks



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