Sharp 902 UMTS

The Sharp 902 is one of the first Sharp 2 Mega Pixel cameras soon to be launched. With a camera resolution of 1600 x 1200 you can be sure that your images are going to be clear, crisp and detailed.

When closed the Sharp 902 looks more like a digital camera than a mobile phone. with features like auto focus and optical zoom, mobile phones are becoming very advanced and begining to look and function more like cameras than phones. Sharp were the first manufacturer to release a 2 Mega Pixel camera in the GSM market and now they have done it on The 3G network.

The 902 is not just a camera phone it is an MP3 player also, with a SD card expansion slot. So you can listen to your music wherever you are. The colour screen has an amazing 262,000 colours (far better than the old 65,000) and a nice big 240 x 320 pixel display.

Other features include those that yo would expect to find on a mobile phone, SMS, EMS and MMS oh and it can make phonecalls too.. with a loudspeaker for handsfree talking.


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