Palm Treo Lennon/Hollywood UMTS

The Treo ‘Hollywood’ is more like a slimmed down and antenna-less Treo 700. In fact because of the black body and much slimmer profile this model is actually reminiscent of a BlackBerry while still remaining smaller in width (Read smaller keys). However, it is reported that the “Hollywood” is NOT running PalmOS but instead Windows Mobile. Palm OS fanatics have no fear, Palm’s CEO Ed Colligan has recently stated his company plans to have all its hardware models running both operating systems.

Although the Treo has no carrier logo the Cingular’s is the reported exclusive cellular comapny. It will use the new UMTS 1900 data network with which he claims to have achieved over 500Kbps broadband 3G speeds – about 10 times current Treo 650 speed over 2G networks.


  • Windows Mobile 5.0
  • Microsoft MSFP "Push" Email
  • GSM, UMTS, Class 10 EDGE
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • 1.3 MPx camera
  • No external antenna

Pictures of the “Hollywood” Treo surface
Treo Nitro & Lennon Rumors Surface

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