Applications: Video Calling and Video Telephony

24/08/06 Pivot cell phone concept for easy video calls

24/08/06 New ITU standard to speed up 3G video calling

22/08/06 CETECOM Validates Video Telephony Test Cases

20/08/06 3G Video Calls are now in the Wild

11/08/06 3G Video Call into Television News Shows

01/08/06 Radvision fuels 3G video calls

30/05/06 3G Video calling needs applications to succeed

24/05/06 Anonymous 3G Video Calls

04/04/06 New Chip Promises Smooth Mobile Video

06/01/06 Make 3G Videocalls from a Normal PC

08/09/05 3G video calling with Windows Mobile

05/09/05 Alcatel selected by Vodafone Spain to provide video telephony service between 3G handsets and PC users

17/12/04 3G video calls to a PC near you

15/12/04 3G Video Calling To Become As Popular As Text Messaging

04/06/04 Video telephony drives 3G

02/12/03 Free 3G Video Calls For Xmas



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