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25/09/06 Carnival of the Mobilists #46
21/09/06 Pop-Ups On A Device, Can They Be Trusted To Use Them Responsibly?
20/09/06 3G content at tipping point
20/09/06 Top Web Apps in Japan
19/09/06 Mile High 3G Gaining Momentum
13/09/06 Top Mobile Applications 2006
16/08/06 Mobile Video Service Revenue Set to Skyrocket to $5.6 billion by 2009
15/08/06 Report: Mobile Service Revenue to Hit $5.6 Billion in 2009
07/08/06 Top UK Web 2.0 Apps
04/08/06 Relevance key to phones of future - NZ Herald
26/07/06 Mobile Revenue Hit $100B
20/07/06 Mobile operators can drive ARPU with bundles of mobile services but must beware of flat-rate pricing, says Analysys
14/06/06 Why are mobile application sales dropping?
09/06/06 The 31st Carnival of Mobilists
06/06/06 Why RIM sees crunch time for wireless data apps
26/04/06 Nokia and Yahoo add flickr support to NSeries
25/04/06 The Killer Application for 3G
29/03/06 Top Applications
19/03/06 Survey reveals mobile phone revenue hurdle
13/02/06 Mobile phone world meets in search of the next big thing
17/11/05 Shirtmaker uses 3G to mobilise point of sale
24/08/05 3G searches set the scene for Mobisodes
22/08/05 TV's Red Dwarf beams onto mobiles - BBC
22/08/05 Celcom and Maxis to provide 3G services for Maybank2e.net
19/08/05 3G launching truly interactive 2-way mobile TV channels
18/08/05 Virtual world fits on a smartphone
17/08/05 Artificial Life announces First Massive Multi Player 3G Game
15/08/05 How DRM Will Kill Mobile Music - Techdirt
12/08/05 Hutch 3G UK finds success with football highlight service
04/08/05 3G Horse Racing
03/08/05 Mobile downloads to overtake the net
02/08/05 E-mail, online gaming, music download to speed up 3G acceptance
02/08/05 NTT DoCoMo to launch i-channel and new FOMA 701i handsets
01/08/05 3G video calls interconnecting in Hong Kong
01/08/05 3 UK Announce 3G Mobile Music Partnership
31/07/05 Cingular ads ring with sounds of music
28/07/05 Call Centers Get a 3G Video Link to Customers
27/07/05 BBC1 debuts 3G IP Video Conferencing
25/07/05 When Cell Phones Become Oracles
25/07/05 Porn stars offers mobile advices
25/07/05 HTC to implement 3G video-calls on Windows Mobile devices
22/07/05 Korea: Free Mobile Broadcasting to Start Nationwide in 2006
21/07/05 Artificial Life Launches Version 2.0 of its Flagship 3G Product 'V-girl(TM) - your virtual girlfriend'
19/07/05 Children's GPRS Tracking Service On Sale In The UK
18/07/05 Vodafone takes the fight to VoIP
18/07/05 Mobile Media launches real-time shoot 'em ups for 3G gamers
14/07/05 German Unit to Block VoIP Applications
12/07/05 Coding Technologies delivers aacPlus for greater 3G revenues
11/07/05 Big Screen Viewing Effect For Mobile Phone Videos
10/07/05 At The Races launches 3G service to Vodafone UK customers
08/07/05 Terraplay Systems AB: 3G Gamers Get No Refuge from Mobile Media
07/07/05 Mobile TV - The Next Big "Killer App" in Wireless?
05/07/05 Google maps goes Java for mobile phones - MobileMag
05/07/05 Java to speed up 3G apps
05/07/05 Ban on in-flight mobiles could end
30/06/05 India: Content, 3G, VoIP are hot - Rediff
28/06/05 Crandy - The Dark Horse of Mobile Payments
27/06/05 Ericsson and Sun Microsystems collaborate on advanced multitasking Java Technology solution for 3G handsets
25/06/05 Nokia One
24/06/05 Video babysitter emerges as 3G killer app
22/06/05 A Ringing Headache?
21/06/05 Mobile Service Discovery: It's All About Usability - The Feature
17/06/05 So We Do Use Our Phones To Communicate - The Feature
15/06/05 The Myth Of The Fourth Screen - Techdirt
14/06/05 Singapore to air Asia's first phone drama series
14/06/05 TV drama to debut on 3G phones - News.com
13/06/05 If only the camera could do 3G. No, not that way
10/06/05 Digital film festival debuts on the small screen
08/06/05 Real-time mobile multiplayer games arrive on 3G - 3G Newsroom
06/06/05 Five 2.5G and 3G operators bring SEVEN-powered mobile email to market
01/06/05 Artificial Life Launches www.v-disco.com - Innovative Music Delivery to 3G Phones
31/05/05 PSP goes 3G
30/05/05 Synergenix launches advanced mobile games on 3
29/05/05 How to stream audio and video to a mobile phone
24/05/05 3 adds mobile blogging service for customers
24/05/05 3 launches video download chart show on Kiss 100
24/05/05 GPS and TV lined up for KDDI users - 3G Newsroom
24/05/05 Artificial Life, Inc. Announces Launch of 3G Products with Taiwan Mobile
23/05/05 Television gets a mobile home - Guardian
22/05/05 Mobile games industry worth US$ 11.2 billion by 2010
21/05/05 Top 10 Most Wanted 3G Services in Europe
19/05/05 3G dating and video dating becomes a reality
19/05/05 Orange UK launches TV on 3G handsets - 3G Newsroom
19/05/05 Church Finds Porn Taking Italy by Phone
18/05/05 Amp'd Mobile and Gameloft to create 3D games for 3G - 3G Newsroom
18/05/05 Advertising 3G Ads To Advertisers? - The Feature
18/05/05 UK: 3 shows first advert on 3G - 3G Newsroom
18/05/05 Vodafone Sweden to offer unlimited music downloads during summer
17/05/05 KDDI Ready to Roll-Out Free Mobile Blog (MoBlog) Service - Wireless Watch, Japan
17/05/05 DRGV launches 3G real estate application - 3G Newsroom
11/05/05 Mobile TV tests cartoons and news - BBC
10/05/05 Short Codes Pave Way For Video Content - The Feature
05/05/05 3 launch Nordics' first video mail - 3G Newsroom
05/05/05 Gambling and games to drive mobile growth
04/05/05 BBC will allow users to record TV shows with cell phones
03/05/05 MobuzzTV launches 3-min 3G TV programmes
01/05/05 3G Global Film Festival available via WI-FI and 3G wireless technology
29/04/05 Survey: TV for Mobile Phones Set to Reach Masses
29/04/05 Renesas announces video conferencing software for 3G phones
28/04/05 Video phones intereract with TV viewers
27/04/05 Video over cell phones to attract 30 mln, generate $3 bln by 2009
22/04/05 Is Mobile e-mail the next O/S? - Mobile Enterprise Weblog
22/04/05 ITN Launch 3G UK Election Coverage On Vodafone Live!
21/04/05 Mobile Phones, Ritual Interaction and Social Capital - The Feature
21/04/05 Mobile TV on 3G phones touted as the next big thing at trade show - Channel NewsAsia
21/04/05 Japan: Enhanced 3G Wallet phone can be expected in 2006
21/04/05 Mobile Phone Technology Gives Drivers Complete Remote Control Over Vehicle Security
20/04/05 Wildwave and havoc Television launch 3G music video content on Vodafone
20/04/05 First 3G mobile drama in Asia to be released in Singapore - China View
19/04/05 New cell phone takes dictation - News.com
19/04/05 Neuros MPEG 4 Recorder - The Register
19/04/05 Music Downloads on Vodafone UMTS handsets - 3G Newsroom
18/04/05 Cable TV on Cell Phones, IDC Predicts - Electronics News
18/04/05 Omron shows off facial-recognition software - Engadget
15/04/05 Pearl of the Year finalists include Community services
12/04/05 Podcasts as Mobile Content - The Feature
12/04/05 3G: Spectacular Payoff for Mobile Video - 160 Charachters
11/04/05 TV2Mobile Launches One Minute Guides - PR Web
10/04/05 Live animated baseball games over 3G - Gizmag
10/04/05 Cell Phone with Feeling - Textually
05/04/05 Google to start 'video blogging' - BBC
05/04/05 CNN: Almost a million Koreans bank by cellphone
Mobile Content Takes a Hit - The Feature
04/04/05 Podcasts Illustrate Alternate Content - TechDirt
31/03/05 Virtual boyfriend to follow virtual girlfriend
25/02/05 Meet Vivienne, a 3G girlfriend - IHT, France
25/02/05 Sad, Lonely? For a Good Time, Call Vivienne

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