5G (IMT-2020) Wireless

The 3G4G Blog entries on 5G

3G4G Small Cells Blog entries on 5G


5G Mobile Communications Systems for 2020 and beyond - 5GMF, Sep 2017 [Cached]

LTE to 5G: Cellular and Broadband Innovation - 5G Americas, Aug 2017

The 5G era: Age of boundless connectivity and intelligent automation - GSMA, Feb 2017

5G: A 2020 Vision - Feb. 2015

5G: Your Questions Answered - Sep. 2013


High-level architecture of Mobile Cellular Networks from 2G to 5G

Why is 5G called 5G?

5G Network Architecture Options

Everything You Need to Know About 5G

5G Technologies: Millimeter Waves Explained

5G Technologies: Beamforming Explained

5G Technologies: Massive MIMO Explained

5G Technology: Full Duplex Explained

5G Network Architecture and Design Update - Jan 2017

How will wireless 5G technology handle 1000 times more data? - Emil Björnson


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